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Salaam Namaste!!


Nikhil “Nick” Arora (Saif Ali Khan) and Ambar “Amby” Malhotra (Preity Zinta) live in Australia pursuing careers contrary to their parents’ wishes. Amby is the host of radio show Salaam Namaste and Nick is supposed to be promoting the restaurant he works for, Nick of Time on the program. However, Nick overslept and to Amby’s ire. Amby starts a radio war with Nick by bashing the restaurant. The two meet unknowingly at a wedding and decide later to give their relationship a try by moving in together. Amby gets pregnant and Nick convinces her to get an abortion. The two end up breaking up when Nick finds out that Amby did not get the abortion. The rest of the movie you would have to see for yourself. For your reference it might be useful to read furtehr about hindi movies online here


Salaam Namaste! The movie title was very confusing at first because its a greeting and I couldn’t see how that related to a love story between Zee and Saif. It makes sense later once you’ve seen the film.  One of the best things about this movie is Preity Zinta!! I absolutely love her bubbly personality which always comes through in her movies. Zee is so likeable that if you don’t like her, then you are just a sullen person. Now don’t get me wrong, sometimes she is annoying because her personality is too bubbly.


You get the idea that Salaam Namaste is a supposed to be a romantic comedy immediately after it starts when the voice over starts introducing the characters. The point is then driven home when Saifu tries to conquer the world of comedy. I’m not sure if this is done successfully. I’ve seen Salaam Namaste a few times and I’m not convinced that Saifu is a comedian. Saif tends to be more comfortable with sarcastic humor rather than the flat out comedy roles.

This movie offers a lot of crazy behavior that would never actually work in real life. [Spoiler alert] Saif’s character’s crazy idea that he and Zee’s character move in together in order to date. The whole time, I couldn’t stop thinking how crazy that is. You would never just move in with a stranger because your schedules don’t allow you to date. But then again, when you think about it, it’s the same as finding a roommate from Craigslist. At least Zee is gorgeous.

I like the Saif Ali Khan and Preity Zinta coupling in movies because they are good together. However, I’m not sure how probable that would be since Saif is now more modern. Let me explain what I mean by that.  Saif’s movies are more Hollywood and less Bollywood. The songs are more upbeat in his movies, the clothing are more western, there is generally not the masala awesomeness that makes Hindi movies great.  Case and point, this song:


I don’t mean that Saif writes the songs, I’m saying he tends to be in movies where if you change the language the movie is in, then there is nothing about it that makes it Desi. This is important because I love Zee in Hindi, masala movies. I don’t think Zee does well in modern movies and thus her and Saif may not be in the same movies in the future.  That makes me a little sad because I really like the jodi of Saif and Zee in films.

This movie was a nice try at romantic comedy and is watchable.  Now if you are not a fan of Hindi movies in general and not a fan of romance and comedy and the purgatory that is a romantic comedy film, then this may not be the film for you. Every scene is predictable and there is the typical scene where they have a misunderstanding and then it’s explained in the end and they reconcile. Same old, same old.

Four things about Salaam Namaste

1. The Indian Cowboy

I’m usually not a fan of people in movies who pretend to speak English and try to leave their Desi/Hindi roots behind. I have found that when characters exaggerate their accents, it’s annoying.  The Indian cowboy in this film is no different. I didn’t like that he was faking his Australian accent. I did not think his exaggerated personality was funny. And the annoying girlfriend who only responds with “sorry” is NOT funny. She projects a personality of white wall and is seen as nothing more than a gold digging leech.  Even the saying of “when in Rome, do the  Romans” did not come out as funny as it should have been.

2. The message of the film

Now this film is one that I don’t think makes any sense. Zee’s behavior is completely unreal. She is soooo brave. It takes so much guts to stay in a house with your ex-boyfriend who wants nothing to do with you because you are pregnant. You just know there will be best fights  and the writers, Abbas Tyrewala and Siddharth Anand do not disappoint.

3. Saifu’s acting

I’m not a big romantic comedy type of person, and Salaam Namaste is not by any means my favorite move. Not even close. However, I do like Saif Ali Khan and I have to say, he is at least redeeming in this film. I like that he played conflicted well. He even gave the comedy a satisfactory attempt, even when you knew he wasn’t funny, you knew he tried.

4. Abhishek at the end!!

Abhi is a comedic fool and I mean that with all compliment. When the door opens and he steps in it, or rather into it, I had to stop, do a double take (I press rewind) just to make sure it was him.  I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, Junior B should stick to comedy. Abhishek Bachchan was a terrible doctor but a good comic.


Salaam Namaste may make your dil go hmmm or you may be frustrated yet smiling after you watch it. It depends on how you feel about romantic comedies. Happy watching and remember to greet the day and the world Salaam Namaste!!

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